KFC & Me

Yesterday when we had our night time talk, I recalled one particular childhood memory, about a reader’s letter in Bobo (an Indonesian children tabloid) that I read when I was a little girl. It was written by a trash collector’s son, about the most memorable experience he had with his mom. He used to work (collect trash) behind a KFC restaurant. Long story short, they have no money to buy such luxury food and only after few months saving, his mom has enough money just to buy one piece of fried chicken. They ate the precious piece of chicken behind the KFC restaurant because they were too ashamed to eat inside the restaurant. It was finger licking good (ok, I totally added this tiny detail :p).

The story lives in me for a very long time, about 20 years or so. It was very impactful for me. I always feel emotional thinking about how some people live in such poverty, that purchasing a piece of KFC chicken is equal to few months’ saving (well, personally I think $3 for a piece of a overgrown chicken is expensive too, but that’s another story :P).

Whenever I recall this story, I always think about it through many different scenarios. This time, I think of me resembling the poor boy. Although I was never that poor, and we’re definitely not collecting trash for a living :D, I keep thinking, how many times have I act like this little boy, peeping through the glass door of a place I know I’ll never fit in, drolling to have a taste of good life and heaven (in my definition ;P)? How many occassions in which I keep fixating my eyes on something that is definitely out of my league, aiming too hard and sacrificing the more important things to get momentary pleasure and pride?

These questions express my very current struggle, especially after our recent decision to be self employed with no fixed income. I don’t really worry because I believe Lord will provide for us in a timely manner, but I have notice that a part of our glorious lifestyle definitely has to go, like forever (or until further notice :p). We have to be frugal and some things that come easy when we’re on fixed income, have become luxuries.

However, like the boy in the story, here I am, sticking my body to the KFC  door, all wet in my own drolls (pardon the gross visual). I realised that I still refuse to let go few things that are found to be too precious and dear to my heart (like membership in certain places, ‘organic and all-natural’ things, and expensive outings). Those things are nice to have, but are not necessity. If I let go, I know for sure, I will be happier, living a more grateful, purposeful and slow-paced life. This makes me wonder, why do I cling so much on those things? Have they become little idols in my heart?

Perhaps I still can hold on to some, but it will come with a great price and sacrifice. Do I want to pay the price, and will it be worth it? I believe that God put us through this humbling experience because He wants us to take a look again at our priorities in life. I have, and it is a shame to know that I once put too much time worrying and doing many unnecessary stuffs.

Our life has been simplified much this past few months, and we’re loving it. Would you join us in our journey towards simple living? 🙂

Do you feel like you’re on a journey chasing after wind? What are the personal ambition/worry/need that are hindering you to be grateful today or that are taking a toll on your relationship with God and with others? Are you willing you to let God take them away from you today?

~ the girl who once wanted to eat KFC


Journey to simplicity

We embarked on journey to simple life few years back. Yet, our life is still complicated. We still purchase unwanted goods, eat too much food, and have too many activities.

There are lots of things that we sacrificed. However, there is no turning back and the journey has been rewarding so far. We have reaped the benefits of having simple(r) life.

1. Less things to be cleaned
Very, very true. This is the immediate effect that we feel after few rounds of spring cleaning.

2. Less visual distraction
Our house has a clean, tidy look now. I hope people who come by also think the same. Hahaha. :p

3. We can focus on what is more important than stuffs, like having a nice walk on the garden or enjoying each other’s company.

Things we can work on more:
– There is only one thing that i keep buying without thinking much : BOOKS. We are very reluctant to throw away some collection too. :$

– Also, there is one source of distraction, and I realised i seem to run towards it whenever i am bored or in bad mood : PHONE. And google. And facebook. And blogs. And… (the list continues) Sometimes knowing too much information made our head feel like exploding anytime 🙂 we have to tidy up mental clutters in our brain.

Have you choose to lead a simpler life? In what area can you improve on? How did it changed you life so far?

Life long learning journey

Who said studying stop once you graduated from school (meaning : the education institution)?

Who said only through work (meaning : the paying job) we can only learn?

Even non paying job (meaning : any work to do), we could learn a lot of things. One thing for sure, i will not be a dumb sahm :). No looking down on myself anymore. say yes to life-long learning journey.

And who said housewives need not to do readings (oh, remind me of the never ending psychology papers!!!) :p

Read, read, read ….. nourish your mind with important (very important point!) & beautiful things. (Phil 4:8) Indulge less (or no more!!!) in gossips and bad stuffs.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Simple plan (part one)

~~~~A plan will never be simple….

I have been “simplifying” for the past 3 years (and even more dilligently this past few weeks) and to be honest we still have so much clutters around.  I realised it is VERY DIFFICULT to be simple especially because we are living in a complex world and we are too much like the world. :p

So many problem which i face when wanting to get rid of things .
From myself :
1. Worry – i worry we will need this thing in the near future, even though ww have not use the item for few years.
2. Unable to let go the past – so many memento, cards, presents.
3. Selfish – although knowing well some items are going to be more useful for others
4. Pride – well, it is nice having so much more than others :p

From others/society:
1. Social influence – people looking weirdly as u donate/give away a perfectly , POTENTIALLY (a very important point as why it needs to be gone!) useful item
2. No recepient (at least in the country we are living in). It is a pity that we have to throw away some nice clothes n gadgets, where they may be useful to those in 3rd world country.

How do i deal with it :
1. Pray that God give me wisdom to choose which is a keepsake, which to let go.
2. Keep telling myself GOD PROVIDES.
3. NO MERCY principle – throw away everything i would not wear/use. Donate ones that i still want to wear/use, but i could not use for the next 2 years or more, or obviously i could not use anymore aftee ballooning in size T.T
4. give a deadline
5. List out important things to do and doable things. Do the doable ones first to be able to finish the important ones. (Learn from Simplicity Parenting book 🙂 )
6. No more purchase until further notice 😉

It is more difficult to deal with problems from society than problems that come from myself. I found it hard to explain – without being so “stupid & brainless” (for ‘wasting’ good resources) – about this new lifestyle.

So how i select which ones stay and which ones bye?

(To be continued, the same as the cleaning up .. 🙂 )