Bukit batok nature park



Oh how i love to see lil n love the nature. 🙂

He walked to the fence himself n he was enjoying the scenery. He touched some soil and some grass. He pointed at the birds and dragonfly while telling me a story.

And.. He didnt want to go home!! I had to dragged him and pushed the stroller home. -.-“” we went there without papa.


Dinner at Don

Few days ago, when deciding to go to this year’s night fest, I already thought to buy Don’s chicken pie for dinner (and for bf and lunch the next day… haha)! It’s been long since we ate the pie, about 2 -3 years back. But the taste was so good that it stick in our tounge and we want more (or I want more, to be exact :p).

From the gym (that consist of 15 mins on cross trainer & about 30 mins “slacking” & “trying out” and 5 mins of embarasement for me – which shall be discussed in another post), we went to China Square. 🙂

And we (or again, I) saw the brochure that they’re having crab bee hoon on the menu and (I) wanted to eat crab!!!! I never eat crab in almost 1 whole year! (while Qq is a so-so crab eater. He enjoyed the crab meat, but not the shells & the process of opening the shell to get the meat…..)

So we ordered the crab beehoon and one large chicken pie (we only ate 1/4 of it though…).

It was our first time eating at the Garden *something* of the restaurant. It’s basically a spacing in the middle of buildings and they put some trees so that it looked really romantic & cozy.


This is qq with the famous chicken pie. I really like the crust. It is like a mixture of crust and puff, very crispy and soft at the same time. The filling is juicy, made of small cubed potatoes, sadly, very little vegetable bites, chicken, and halved eggs. YuMmy.. Verdict : The chicken pie is really delicious! Damage : $18 for the whole pie, so it’s $4.5 per quarter – make it a bit expensive for normal pie, but comparable for the unique texture & taste.

Qq does not really like the after taste for this pie. There is a strong pepper taste that would stay in our mouth for a while. I don’t really like the fact that maybe they use MSG or too much salt – I can’t really judge which one, but I had dry throat until the end of the night.


This is their black pepper crab beehoon. The damage is $16. The portion is quite big – although there’s not enough crab for both of us. Taste wise, it was okay. It’s not so special as the crab tastes like it’s just been boiled, there’s no black-peppery taste on the crab at all. Not really the best crab I’ve ever eaten. However, the black pepper taste of the whole thing is really nice! Too bad the crab was not really a “part” of the whole dish.

Next time, not sure that we’ll eat the crab again.. We really liked the chicken pie though!

The day after, I spent sometime searching for puff pastry recipe. Found some recipe and tips online. However, I decided that I will only try it out next week, or next2 week. It’s not healthy to eat this type of food every day- it contains too much butter…


After Christo & Nelly’s wedding we went to Botanic Garden for picnic 🙂 Shopped first at Carefour for simple food and drinks.



Poka’s Bloody Orange 🙂 – Very nice, but it’s expensive!

Image00038We played frisbee 😉

Image00010We slept on the grass & watch Lie To Me from laptop 🙂

There were quite a lot of people in the park as well. However, it was still peaceful to sleep & relax there.


Biathlon 2009 (March)

I’ve been accompanying Qq to this event for 3 times, since 2007.

I quite forgot what happened during Biathlon 2007. I think I was busy taking picture with my then SLR which has spoilt even since. 😦 And I remember taking picture of someone who look like Qq but not him. Haha. During Biathlon 2008 Indra accompanied my for the 1 hour wait. It was raining that day.




During Biathlon 2009, the weather was worse. It was raining quite badly and what’s worse is that there is no shelter for ppl who waited for their friends because all the shelters was taken by the Biathlon team (for First aid thing, selling stuffs, massaging station etc). The most feasible station was the first aid station, which has quite a number of disappointing people. First, the station was also the shelter for the band (from some sec school) in case of raining. But when it started raining, the First aid people said that the band people could not block the station, as they need it for emergency. Fine…

So I was standing on the edge of the station, I was not even inside the station. There are people even standing inside the shelter, and guess what, they shunned me away, saying that in case of emergency I would block the way. REALLY? I was standing close to the pillar of the station (obviously noone would make grand entrance THROUGH the pillar right?) and I was OUTSIDE the station. Pissed off, I stood beside the station, without umbrella, and hoping that I would soon get asthma attack or pneunomia and passed out in the middle of the rain and they would rescued me inside the station. 😦

I was really angry to see that when the rain was wilder, more and more people are coming inside the shelter and guess what, they never invite me back, although few of them was looking at me (obviously some crazy girl who stood in the rain without anything to cover), including the ones who shunned me away.

Anyway, aside from the irritatinig gesture by the so called life saving team, …. here are some of the photos that we took. After the event we ate Fish & Co at suntec 🙂


We ordered New York Fish & Chips. We thought that I would like it because it is very cheesy. However, it turned out to be very oily. 😦

The other dish is the normal meal that we usually order, Seafood Platter, and some soup. 🙂 Damage done was about $30/ person. So expensive! 😦

That’s the end of the day.



according to : http://www.toytowngermany.com/wiki/Stammtisch

The word Stammtisch is German. It is not easily translated into English but it means something like “regular’s table” or “regular get-together”.

Literally speaking, the word Stammtisch is a table in a bar or restaurant which is reserved for the same guests at the same time every day or every week. There is usually a sign on the table saying “Stammtisch”. If you don’t belong to this table, don’t attempt to sit there! In the most traditional German beer halls there is a large brass plaque above the table with the word Stammtisch printed on it in bold lettering.

Well, we went to Stammtich at 6th avenue last saturday night with Prof. Peter Ellinger, Anton (my boss) and Amy (my boss’ wife). So, it were 5 of us… We are not regular there, and not sure we will be regular enough to be considered as regular =p Anyway, it was an invitation by Prof. Ellinger and recommended place by Anton.

Anton brought us there to taste Cheese Fondue… (I seen and ate chocolate fondue, but when I heard cheese fondue, I was thinking, how much cheese will that be…), he said, it was the best cheese fondue in town. Well, I believe at Anton’s taste. He had proven himself that his suggestion almost 80%, I will love it too 🙂

So, we reached there, the place looks old but cozy and according to Anton, a lot of regular customer goes there. Well, he might be right, there are a lot of people there and they just chat like at their own house, then I think at 1 of the table were friends of the cook.

enough about the place… now about the food…

Beside cheese fondue, they also have beef fondue.. this make me even confuse, how are we going to make fondue out of beef…., so let me explain now…

  • Cheese fondue : melted cheese (I don’t know how many type of cheese) + wine (you can ask to have without it) + some liquor (I don’t know the name) in a constantly heated pot, and bread for you have it covered with the cheese and eat it.
  • Beef fondue : good beef meat cut into cubes, then a constantly heated pot, 1/2 pot filled with cooking oil. You just stick the beef meat in a metal stick, deep the meat, then take it out according to your liking – done, medium, raw-
  • Beef tartar : raw high quality beef minced and mixed with spices

so, we ordered cheese fondue for 3 and beef fondue for 2 (we end up order 1 more portion), salad, potato, and beef tartar.

I can say, I loved everything except for the cheese fondue, I find it too rich for me (I don’t really like the after taste of cheese and milk), but ditz loves everything, especially the cheese fondue… she just loving it….

So, I ate more of the beef, she ate more of the cheese, good for us =)

The beef meat for the beef fondue, somehow was very soft yet very fresh.. even when I ate it rare (so just fried for a while), it’s very soft and it’s like melting in your mouth…

The beef tartar was also very good (a bit different with what I had in holland, but both are good and they somehow are different in type).

So, might go back to that place again next time with my family or friend…  never tried at other place, but until I know other place, I might go back there again…

not sure about the damage because we didn’t got a chance to look at the bill, but if ditz remembered it correctly from the menu, it should be around SGD 25++ for cheese fondue for 1, and SGD 18++ for beef fondue for 1, then SGD 18++ for the beef tartar.

link about the place :


Brazil Churrasco

We had our dinner at Brazil Churasco (6th avenue) last night… it was our 2nd time visit that place… (and my 3rd time)

and guess what… the place got better…. really…  compared to our previous visit (and my 1st visit), i find the meat taste better…. and somehow last night there are more variety….

well, I think they have around 12 type of food under category : meat and a lot under category : salad. let me try to list it down :

  • 3 type of beef (Ribs, Garlic, and I think Topaz, not sure about this one)
  • 2 type of lamb (1 good, 1 so so)
  • 3 type of chicken (fillet and not sure what’s the name, then also have the liver)
  • 1 type of fish (grilled,very tasty)
  • 1 type of ham (not sure what’s the name)
  • 2 type of sausage (this one, we don’t really eat)
  • Grilled pinapple (ok, this is not meat but it’s not from the salad bar)

And for the salad, what we ate were :

  • Fried banana
  • Caesar salad
  • fried mushroom
  • Fried rice (I don’t think they had this last time, but it is good)
  • Tang hun/ bee hoon, not sure with the type
  • Fried potato

ok, enough about the food… anyway, the name was previously Brazil Churasscaria, but they changed the name because they said, their compatitor using the same name, and because they never patented the name, so they changed their name instead…. to differentiate themselves from the competitor, the only other branch they had is at Gilman Village.

The damage was 98 dollar (so, SGD 42++ per person).

Anyway, compared this one and Hogs Breath (surely not in the same league), I think I rather spent on this, but yea.. quite ex…

Warning : It’s better to make a reservation if you plan to go there with large number of people and on dining time.

Additional info : this is their website : http://www.brazilchurrasco.com

goodbye hog’s breath ?

We ate Hog’s Breath at Vivo City last saturday (Feb 14,2009) in between our Hort Park venture (will tell more on this on different posting). I think that experience really marks as the end of the day how I love Hog’s Breath… why was that ?

these previous experiences on Hog’s breath will tell you more :

  • First time eating Hog’s Breath at CHIJMES, we love the 500 gram of Rib steak
  • 2nd time eating, now trying the one at Holland V, also had the 500 gram of Rib steak, not nice (ok, so scrap Holland V).
  • 3rd time eating, tried the one at Vivo City, with my family members from Indonesia. not nice at all, no 500 gram (out of stock), very watery. (ok, maybe this is vivo city branch, like holland v, not so nice)
  • 4th time eating, back to CHIJMES, with Mon mon and Melon, ordered the 500 gram of Rib steak. We loves it…
  • 5th one, CHIJMES (surely now we only want to eat at CHIJMES), NO MORE 500 Gram on the menu =( , max only 400 gram… so sad… AND… Price GOES UP…..
  • 6th one, Vivo city (ok, we give it another try, who knows last time because it was busy)…, so, we know no more 500 gram, we ok with it…  but….   THESE ARE THE THINGS WE HATES :
  1. Bad services
  2. We asked about ice water, rudely the waiter said that they don’t serve ice water anymore, since 1st january 2009… not in all branch… but the last one we ate at CHIJMES was this year…
  3. We can’t have curly fries and mashed potato as side dish, one of it must be vegetable or salad. and when we said vegetable, the waiter don’t even asked me whether I want the mashed potato or curly fries
  4. The waiter never really repeat my order
  5. The bill, it’s like 53 dollar for 1 meal, i think that’s it… last time, 50 dollar, I can get the 500 gram, now 400 gram and I need to order drink… and… it’s ok if it’s nice meal but..
  6. The meat was not that tender anymore…. quality drop ? or just vivo city ?  no idea..  but that’s really it…

see how next time, If we got good mood, might want to give it another chance…. last time we really loves it.. but these experience really makes us “dislike” it for now.