Stretch stretch!

I didn’t know that pregnant women must use this as soon as possible upon knowing that they’ll b expanding for another 8, 9 months. I just started to apply since week 11 and it’s been on and off because I do not like applying things to my body.

Bought Palmer massage lotion at Watsons for just sg 21.90. Cheap compared to the other brands which are up to sg 80. I heard that there are lots of complaints about rashes after applying this lotion, but I tried it anyway, knowing my skin is super not sensitive with this kind of thing. If it really gives rashes then I’ll just stop using.

However, after 1 week+ I did not get any rashes. In addition, I feel that it’s working just fine for me, since my stretch mark from before (don’t ask how i get it) now is less showing and the skin feels softer. 🙂 So probably it’s good investment. Hopefully I will use this till the last drop, and it would not end up like all my Bodyshop things, dusty and useless. :p



Last, last week we went to gym to swim, and were chased out because pool is closed for aquarobic. We stayed for a while to preview the class, and it seems fun & interesting.

So this week we joined the class 🙂 yay..

Image was taken from wiki and somehow all the people in the pic looks old. This exercise, because is done underwater, has less impact on muscle and joint. (but still i had knee pain afterwards!)

Anyway, the exercise was really fun- running and jumping, forward and backward. We use the long kind of float shown in the pic, which is ridiculously (but seriously!) called NOODLE FLOAT. 🙂

Qq was having fun and could move really fast. I enjoyed the exercise too, but some people really know how to spoil the mood to have fun & make friends.

Despite these some people, let’s join again next week!

My Lazy Sport

Today I went swimming in the morning (at last!). Morning weather was great, not too hot, not too cold. When I left the house, I took the same lift as one of my neighbors. She’s always accompanying her daughter waiting for school bus downstairs. However, when I reached the busstop, and it was just nice that 176 has just arrived,….. I realised that I forgot my EZlink card!

Was considering paying by coins since I brought the coin purse, but decided that I should go upstairs to take the card. Save a few cents (qq must be smiling to himself upon reading this line). Took the card, then walk to 173 busstop instead. I just realise that the route is nearer anyway.

To cut story short, I reached the swimming complex about 8.30. Do a little bit stretching, eyeing which lane I should exploit…

I love the swimming pool in morning during weekdays. Feels like it’s private swimming pool. 🙂 I got the whole lane by myself, although there was this man on the next lane who seemed unable to swim straight. He kept bumping to me although he also got his own lane. =.=

Anyway, I stayed for about 1.5 hours, my longest time ever swimming really non-stop. During the 1.5 hour “sport”, I realise that I could do some adjustment to enjoy it more. So, I slept while swimming!!! (Qq could not imagine how I did that). Basically, I just closed my eyes and let my body do the same routine. It was fun and relaxing! when the head was inside the water, all you could hear is the silent sound of water, and you feel that your body is floating, while exhaling the air from the lungs… and you could think about nothing, .. it was really.. relaxing..

Qq must try okay.. 🙂

Biathlon 2009 (March)

I’ve been accompanying Qq to this event for 3 times, since 2007.

I quite forgot what happened during Biathlon 2007. I think I was busy taking picture with my then SLR which has spoilt even since. 😦 And I remember taking picture of someone who look like Qq but not him. Haha. During Biathlon 2008 Indra accompanied my for the 1 hour wait. It was raining that day.




During Biathlon 2009, the weather was worse. It was raining quite badly and what’s worse is that there is no shelter for ppl who waited for their friends because all the shelters was taken by the Biathlon team (for First aid thing, selling stuffs, massaging station etc). The most feasible station was the first aid station, which has quite a number of disappointing people. First, the station was also the shelter for the band (from some sec school) in case of raining. But when it started raining, the First aid people said that the band people could not block the station, as they need it for emergency. Fine…

So I was standing on the edge of the station, I was not even inside the station. There are people even standing inside the shelter, and guess what, they shunned me away, saying that in case of emergency I would block the way. REALLY? I was standing close to the pillar of the station (obviously noone would make grand entrance THROUGH the pillar right?) and I was OUTSIDE the station. Pissed off, I stood beside the station, without umbrella, and hoping that I would soon get asthma attack or pneunomia and passed out in the middle of the rain and they would rescued me inside the station. 😦

I was really angry to see that when the rain was wilder, more and more people are coming inside the shelter and guess what, they never invite me back, although few of them was looking at me (obviously some crazy girl who stood in the rain without anything to cover), including the ones who shunned me away.

Anyway, aside from the irritatinig gesture by the so called life saving team, …. here are some of the photos that we took. After the event we ate Fish & Co at suntec 🙂


We ordered New York Fish & Chips. We thought that I would like it because it is very cheesy. However, it turned out to be very oily. 😦

The other dish is the normal meal that we usually order, Seafood Platter, and some soup. 🙂 Damage done was about $30/ person. So expensive! 😦

That’s the end of the day.



Last time I thought that people who are using beauty cream for faces & all that are those who have “extra” time to spend in the middle of the night. I am not a fan of face lotion, I found it sticky and making myface oily. However, recently I realised that I’m getting older and older and I heard that wife must maintain or at least give some effort to maintain external beauty to be loved by their husband until the end of time.. hehe.. Which is quite true, although appearance is not everything, it is still important! 🙂 Besides, how could someone love people who does not really love themselves?

So, I’m searching for night cream to maintain the face skin tight till I’m old (hopefully!!!! hehe). After consultation with many others and considering budget and current membership (hehe), I give Bodyshop Vit E night cream a try.


However, again the cream nightmare falls onto me. I experience the oily layer again, and I did not apply too much! 😦 and Qq have to taste a bit of the night cream too (from a bit of sample from my cheek) 😦 I hope by the next 2 days, the cream could be absorbed by my skin. 

Anyway, I bought Aloe Lip Treatment from my dry lips too. So far, so good. It tastes really good on the lips and does not give those oily look. Previously I was using Sebamed Lip Defense. By the way it tastes horrible and my lips are sometimes burning afterwards.

aloeI’m so, so happy after the shopping yesterday 🙂 Hope the “investment” was worth it.