REP transfer & Expired REP

Case 1 – Transferring REP to a new passport

Fact & information available:

  • Only for REP that not expired yet
  • Can be done online

What we learned:

  • It is done without the need of intervention from an officer
  • Can be done outside office hour
  • New REP available immediately

Case 2 – REP expired (for dependent children under 21)

Fact & information available:

  • If not expired yet, renewing REP can be done online within 3 months before expiry date
  • Need to download form like new REP application.
  • Submission must be done in person at ICA.
  • To submit, must book an appointment through e-appointment system.
  • It is stated that if an SPR exit Singapore without a valid REP, they will lose their PR and need to re-apply again.
  • Application will be approved within 5 working days.
  • Must bring IC of the parent, the passport and the birth cert of the child and the copy of each document

What we learned :

  • ICA hotline will not be able to tell you more than what stated in the website. Any other information like whether result will be immediate or wait for 5 days like new application, and whether sponsor parent must be present cannot be advised.
  • Get ready to call multiple times to get to REP number. Called multiple times for 40 minutes has no result as no one answer.
  • You only need to carry the original birth cert, passport of the child and IC of the parent. No need to bring copy (but better be safe than sorry)
  • REP issued at the same day, immediately at the counter.
  • If you are unable to get appointment but need to travel before available appointment date, you can always walk in to ICA Level 5, but expect longer waiting time.
  • If you are unable to come to ICA before the travel date, e.g. because you realised it on Saturday and need to travel on Monday, you can still go out of the country and quickly come to ICA once you are back to Singapore. Take note that the immigration officer might stop you and warned you of the consequences (e.g. SPR might be revoked). What still unclear is that once you are back, do you need to apply SPR again or just REP. (I hope I won’t need to experience that to share it here).
  • Application form must be signed by the parent who become the sponsor when applying for the PR for the children
  • The sponsor parent not necessarily need to be present at ICA but the form must be signed by the sponsor parent and the original IC of the sponsor parent must also able to be presented.



REP = Re-Entry Permit, for SPR
SPR = Singapore Permanent Resident
ICA = Immigration and Checkpoint Authority – of Singapore

Links :

REP renewal and transfer :
e-Appointment of ICA :
Information retrieved from :

Reminder :

  • All the links need Singpass to log in.
  • Please ensure your mobile number in Singpass updated for 2-Step Verification (2FA)

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Looking through the window from the 32nd storey of my office building around CBD area, I can see a beautiful city. I can see a seabed of buildings, some are condo,  but most of them are HDBs. Those buildings did not even exist 50 years ago but now, most of Singapore citizens can have a home to live in.

The city is indeed a successful product of planning n execution. It is beyond words for someone to be able to amazingly plan and closely oversee the execution in creating such a wonderful work.

Just thinking about how the city was developed and how its residents have a better life because of the transformation, makes me understand why there are so many people willing to give tribute to the leader who has build the country.  Even though some of them have difficulty to stand or walk, they still try to come to give their tribute, a final farewell.

Despite all the negative news about him and his leadership style, who can say that he did not built a great country? Who can say that if it was done differently, Singapore will be a better country now? Who can say that he had not done what he should have done?

He had done his best. He had successfully planned and lead a country, from an underdeveloped country to be one of the most successful developed countries in just 50 years.

He was one of the greatest leaders ever lived and I give my tribute to him that my family and I can enjoy, live and benefit from his hardwork.

Thank you. You will always be remembered.

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew.
1923 –  2015

Have we set our own pace in this race of life?

Today i finished my 9th biathlon. One of the biathlon that i have little preparation.  But i think from the past biathlon,  the experience taught me few lesson of life that we can reflect it with our own race of life.

What i mean with race of life is our daily life.  It’s like a race where we actually affected by others around us and often we compare ourselves with achievement of other people,  either in career or in monitary gain or life partner or kids etc.

1.  Don’t give up when people overtake you

Biathlon split into 2 phase,  which are swimming then running. Some people like myself are stronger in the swimming and some people are stronger in the running,  hence its common for people who are stronger jn the swimming but weak in the running will be overtaken in the running. If we are someone who is easily shaken when others overtake us then there is a big chance that we might walk or even do not care anymore on our run.

Same thing in life,  are we easily given up when someone overtake us in term. Of achievement?

2. Set your own pace

Still related to the first point.  Often when we run or swim and someone overtook us,  we tend to speed up.  Although sometimes this is good for us to push our limit but this too can lead to self destruction.

When we run in our comfortable speed,  we run to finish the race,  a long distance race and not a sprint.  When we increase our pace and not in the pace that we already planned,  it will lead us to early exhaustion and we can end up walking at in the later stage of the race or we can’t even finish the race.

Same thing in life,  if we try to do things quicker because we see other people did it quicker or because we don’t want to lose,  we need to  think about the long term effect.  We need to think about the whole race and not only that particular time.

3.  Faster does not mean reaching the end first

Some people with no experience in the biathlon or long distance run/swim will try to run/swjm as fast as they can then slow down when they are tired, some run fast then walk then run again.  Hence often that in the middle or toward the end of the swim or run,  i will overtake people who overtook me on the earlier stage of the swim or run.

In life,  if we set our own pace,  and not discouraged when we see others overtook us,  we will be able to see that everything has its own time. Not necessarily people who achieve more than us at this time will always above us.

4.  Know yourself and plan strategy that work for you

At the start of the swim,  there are more than 100 people start at the same time. People will pull and kick in the swim. 
To swim behind others will make you tired because you need to sprint to get ahead of those people or you will be kicked.
To swim next to people of the same pace will get you tired because you will spend extra effort not to bump to that person.
To be the first in the group looks nice but that means you spend more effort to break the current and people will pull your leg.
If you know yourself well,  you will know whether you should be in the end of the group or in the middle or right in front.  And whether you want to be inside the group or outside where you will spend more effort to go back to inside when need to turn but less effort to fight in the swim or you sure you have better speed compared to other to keep inside the group.

In life,  know where you are now,  and learn where is the best position that you can do with your best capabilities.  Its not about right or wrong but different people will have different strategy.

5.  Drafting

When the current is strong,  if you swim alone or no one closely in front of you,  then you will spend effort to break the current.  But if you have someone with the same speed,  and you swim behind him,  the swim felt easier.  But often as the swim was easier,  we tend to gain speed and try to overtake the person in front of you and end up you swim side by side because now you too need to face the current.  Here we need to learn when to stay behind a person and not to overtake and then when the time is right,  then you overtake.  By drafting behind others,  you save some strength for later part of the race.

In life,  how often we try to go head to head with other while if we just be humble and observe the situation or gain or learn from the lead of others,  at the later stage we will have more strength to overtake or if not to overtake,  we have more strength to do better.

auto upload photos to cloud is stupid

Few months back google+  introduce the feafure to auto upload the ohotos in your phones to picasa web. Then recently dropbox also introduce the same featurw but to their own cloud.
Although the goal of the feature maybe good,  that people always have their pboto backed up and wheneved they want to share it,  they dont need to spend time for uploading anymore,  bit it juat have some basic flaws.

1.  Space
Picasa web might give unlimited space,  but not dropbox,  hence this feature will quickly used up the space.
Maybe this is the goal of this feature so that people buy more space and not just use the free membership.

2.  Usage quota and speed
This has no effect if people set to upload only on wifi,  but if not,  this will quickly used up your 3G quota.
And even wifi is used,  the upload process will hog your network nd slow down the internet speed.

3.  In conflict with the benefit of digital camera
The benefit of digital camera is that you can take as many photo as you can then you can filter it out on later time and delete those that not good.
But now with auto upload,  the more the photo you took,  the more bandwith used and the cloud storage quickly used up,  before you even have a chance to filter it up.
Then when you have time to filter your photos,  you need to do it twice.  One from your phone and one more time from the cloud.
And if you forget to delete the bad photos from the cloud, you can’t use the space in the cloud for other files.

Quick notes on changes / migrating from Windows Mobile to Android

What I can share from the migration I had :

well this depends on what you usually put in your today screen. For me those are date, meetings, and shortcuts. I have the almost the same Today screen in my galaxy tab.

I am used to use outlook for all my contacts, but now I need to migrate all my contacts to gMail contacts. I did 1 time migration but the painful part is now I need to tidy up my contact as not all contact automatically merged with my gMail contacts (when the names in the outlook not exactly the actual names but alias).
Now I always modify the contact only in gMail or in my phone.
Pro –> I am using 2 android phones (1 big 1 small), no problem of switching phones as both contacts linked and synchronized to my gMail contact
Cons –> No pst backup when I backup my outlook file. but changing phone and transfering contact not a problem.

As I am heavily used my outlook calendar, I downloaded the application from google to synchronized my outlook calendar to my google calendar.

I am used to write notes in outlook in meetings then just synchronized to my outlook. but now I need to use separate application. Now I use evernote for all my notes. So this is done outside outlook.

Never try to syncrhonize my email to my phone. What I did just download the email (IMAP or POP but keep copy in server) from my android.

I find easier with android as android phone linked as normal usb drive.

I quite enjoy using android as I don’t need to rely on microsoft and synchronization does not need to have application run on the background (except for the calendar).
Bad thing is that I need internet to synchronize all my stuff now. (I think most manufacturer will give you their own application to synchronize without internet, but I don’t use it)

Tag vs Folder


Often in our life, we need to organize our things, e.g. books, pictures, etc. The same thing when now everything is now in digital.

In order so our files will not be messy in one folder, we start creating folders, and each folders has sub folders, and sub folders in sub folders etc.

With a lot of things often fall under 2 different categories, that make us confuse. One is where should we save it, and then, next time when we want to retrieve it, where should we look for the file. E.g. I have folders for Documents – Personal, I also have file folder for My Videos – Niko (my son’s name). Now I have video of my son, should I put it under my document – personal, or should I put it under my videos – Niko ?

Well, the previous sample maybe the easy one, the next one maybe more difficult, I have folder for Technical Documents, I also folder for Sales – Client Name, then I where should I save the Technical Document I create specifically for the client ?


Categorizing things is always difficult. If any of you ever work or know how Library categorize their book or media (I was stunned when I saw there are few books, as thick as dictionary, just for me to go through to find the correct group to put a book in my Information Management class during my Master Programme). You can check for reference.

I know tags from GMail when they revolutionize the way we save files with introducing LABELS instead of Folders.

Tags might not be called tags, or tags can have different meaning in some other application, but I like the way it called tags. (WordPress for example, call it categories, while tag is their meaning for keywords). Other name that I know of is Label, category, keywords.

Tag, or Label (following how GMail use it) come into the picture where deciding in which hierarchy should I categorize my files. With tag, a file can be tagged with multiple tags, and hence when you search for a specific file, you don’t need to worry about which hierarchy you save your file last time. E.g. Technical document for a specific client, I can tag “Technical document”, “Client Name”, “Sales”. This way I can retain the proper grouping and if I want to do drill down search, regardless where I start, I can narrow down with adding more tag as filters.

regardless where I start, I can narrow down with adding more tag as filters.

Danger of Tags

Without proper care on how to use tags, it can lead to another mess. You don’t have proper organization anymore because every time, you forget your existing tags, and you end up always creating a new one.

Another danger of tags is that when you forget what tag you give to your document, you are lost, because you don’t know where to start, and there are too many path to start.

Application of Tags

Tags can be used not only for files, but it also for expenses, emails, photos, etc.

There are more and more cloud application nowdays start to make use of tags instead of folders (or they still have folders, but they give you option to put tags).

The good application will always suggest you an existing tags instead of give you empty list for you to write your tag without informing you your existing tags.

Some application that I used that support tags :

  • Document       : Confluence, Evernote
  • Finance            : Toshl
  • Email                 : GMail
  • Photos              : – not so into grouping my photo yet, should try to find out –

Folder is still important

When I have in mind tags for everything, apparently it does not work that way.  I still use folders to distinguish whether it’s for personal, church files, or office related files. The folders usage go on. But having tags now, it makes it easier for me to categorize my files, and it helps me to find my files (or emails) faster, and for me to analyze my expenses better.

Restoring nuked blackberry (cannot start)


My MIL blackberry cannot be turn on. I have no background nor ever used blackberry device.

So I have information from my brother that from the symptoms, it called nuked. So I try to google it. but the solution I found in google does not really work because lack of few stuff from my side.

So this trial and error steps I did finally managed to un-brick the device. So I better to write it down here. Maybe someday it can help other who have the same problem.

Symptoms :

  1. Blackberry is off
  2. when charged, the following sequence keep on repeating :
  3. led indicator show red for few seconds or almost a minute
  4. a battery icon appear in the screen like it is charging
  5. screen is off, then blackberry loading bar appear
  6. loading bar not complete, then the phone off again
  7. back to the led indicator show red

1st thing to do :

google it. and I found :

it was a very informative website and at least gave me the idea what actually happened and how to tackle it. To summarize it, what happened is “Something wrong with the OS file, and hence the OS keep on rebooting. We need to stop the device from keep on rebooting then load the new OS to the device”.

The problem with the solution on that link :

  • I don’t have any OS
  • Once I able to pass the 1st 2 steps and the loader connected to my device, it didn’t show a list of application to be installed, instead I received a message “No application found for this device”.
  • When I tried to add, no ALX nor ALI file found, and when I google whether there is OS or any loader file, I can’t find any (maybe I am not good enough in googling or because I didn’t know what I am supposed to look for).

2nd step : google for blackberry OS

I found this link that has list of provider that will provide OS you can download.

The links will lead you to each individual telecommunication provider, and in their website, you can find the OS you will want to install in your device.

they will ask you to register before download, just register and download. The size of file to be downloaded is between 100-150 MB. and yes, it’s an EXE file, so you need Windows OS to do this.

Step 3 : Install the OS file and update your device

The installation file will install and update your blackberry desktop manager. Once done, do the following :

  1. Like 1st step on top, take out the battery of your phone
  2. Disconnect the phone from the computer
  3. Run your blackberry desktop manager
  4. Connect your blackberry, and when there is an error window pop up saying they cannot connect, click “UPDATE”
  5. The application will continue to download the OS (but it already downloaded, hence it should be fast).
  6. When the application tried to copy to your device, because your device still keep on rebooting, it often will have another pop up saying that “Update has failed”.  When that happened, just click on retry and redo from Step 4.
  7. Put back your battery and battery cover once the application able to copy the files to the device and does not need to disconnect and connect.
  8. I am not sure how many time I redo the “connect” – “update” – “retry”. but somehow it managed to copy all the necessary files, and finally the device reboot and the blackberry device back online.

Done. time taken : lost count, maybe almost 3 hours, as the download of the OS takes quite sometimes (almost 1 hour) and the keep on repeat the final steps (copying the OS to the device) also take quite some times.