About This Blog

1. Why the name “chubbychubbylife”?

Obviously, it’s because we are all chubby. I shall not discuss more about that.  😉

2. What will you find here?

This blog was originally set up to record our daily lives. After having our kids, I realised that time passes so quickly while there are not enough time to ponder. I’m here to claim the moments, making sense of it all and hoping to encourage fellow mummies/homeschoolers/parents. 🙂

In this blog, I hope to share mainly about our family journey towards simple living and our homeschooling journey. There will  be some random things that we love. For example, Mr. z3120 loves to share on his techy stuffs (nerd alert) and I love to share some non-sense and ridiculous things (sarcasm alert). We both love food, so you’ll see a lot about it here (also answering question no.1) 😉

About Our Family

3. Who are WE?

We are a couple with an odd relationship, a love triangle, but still devoted to each other 100%. Confused ? 🙂

How long we have known each other is a mystery that we are still arguing about that even until now, but something for sure, it took us 2 years before we said “we do”. We have 2 “mini-me”s, an active toddler boy, Lil N (born sept 2010) and baby girl Missy (born aug 2012).

We homeschool our kids and strive to have natural and simple living (emphasis on “strive to”). So much to learn, join us in our journey.

Mostly it is me (I go by ms.d here) who writes here, but sometimes z3120 joins in the fun with all the techy stuffs. :p

Here is my favorite picture of both of us 🙂


6 Sept 08 


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