The Present

Sometimes in life, you go through some difficult and you just want to share with someone you thought would understand.. But it turned out that person was not keen at all. 🤦‍♀️Oh, dear… 

Through some interesting turn of events in my life recently, I was reminded of a story that I watched when I was teenager. 

I think the story was called “Hadiah” (Present). It tells about a nurse (or someone less important) and a general (or someone important) who were “friends”, she took care of the general intensively when he was injured in war. The general’s son was getting married, so the general invited everyone (money was not an issue), including this nurse. 

This nurse was super elated and started to think of a special gift to bring to the party. So she harvested some of her ubi (root vegetable) to cook a special dish (was it like fermented vegetable? Tapeh?) and she worked hard for it. She even gave handwritten recipe and card to go along. 

The day came when it was the wedding day. The nurse was showing lots of emotion during the wedding, greeting the couple with tears on her face. But since they look filthy, some bodyguard guided them away so they won’t disturb the party. Even the bride and groom were disgusted looking at how lowly the nurse and her family were. The nurse did not even have time to give the present personally to the couple, the box was just chucked aside amongst the other well-presented, beautiful gifts that piled up on a table. 

At home, the nurse was thinking how disappointed they were to be treated like that at the party, but she thought maybe the gift will show that she was sincere. She really thought the couple will be blessed with the gift. 

Then it shows the scene where the newlywed couple just came back from their honeymoon. They seemed to be smelling a funny smell coming from the pile of presents. Finally they found the culprit, the box of homecooked gift that has gone bad. They threw away the box in disgust, never look at the card, “who on earth thought of giving things like this?!” 

I am not sure why this story was printed in my memory so vividly. Perhaps because my whole life I have been feeling like this -unappreciated and out of place. 


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