dear Kiddos

My kids,
You might not have extrordinary talent but it is okay.
It is okay to study something and not becoming an expert of it.
It is okay to learn instruments or sing just for the fun of it.
You might not be a prodigy in music but i just want you to enjoy the gift of music.
It is okay to dance with your own moves.
It is perfectly normal not to be able to dance like what most perfomers can do.
You might not be the most graceful dancer, but you can still love dancing.
It is okay to learn swimming slowly.
Not all will turn out to be athletes, maybe not you too, but that is okay.
I just want you to have a positive attitude towards exercise, and i wish that you can enjoy swimming or any other sports until old age.
It is okay not to be able to read at the age of 3. You can do a lot more at 3 than just reading. I just want you to love books and the knowledge in them.
It is okay not to be able to speak in many different languages or becoming the master of words. I just want you to be comfortable using language to communicate with others. Even if it is just by hand gestures. Because i know and i have seen you made friends even by body language.

My kids,
You might not be very bright. You might be just average to the world standard.
But you are not average in God’s eyes. Even to me you are extraordinary and special.
Continue to pursue life and dont try to please the world or even me.
Keep dancing, singing, playing music, reading, and doing things that you love.
Dont give up something just because the world say you are only average. Because one day you might not be only average.. One day, you will be the best person that you can be.

For lilN, missy and lil Joey with love