REP transfer & Expired REP

Case 1 – Transferring REP to a new passport

Fact & information available:

  • Only for REP that not expired yet
  • Can be done online

What we learned:

  • It is done without the need of intervention from an officer
  • Can be done outside office hour
  • New REP available immediately

Case 2 – REP expired (for dependent children under 21)

Fact & information available:

  • If not expired yet, renewing REP can be done online within 3 months before expiry date
  • Need to download form like new REP application.
  • Submission must be done in person at ICA.
  • To submit, must book an appointment through e-appointment system.
  • It is stated that if an SPR exit Singapore without a valid REP, they will lose their PR and need to re-apply again.
  • Application will be approved within 5 working days.
  • Must bring IC of the parent, the passport and the birth cert of the child and the copy of each document

What we learned :

  • ICA hotline will not be able to tell you more than what stated in the website. Any other information like whether result will be immediate or wait for 5 days like new application, and whether sponsor parent must be present cannot be advised.
  • Get ready to call multiple times to get to REP number. Called multiple times for 40 minutes has no result as no one answer.
  • You only need to carry the original birth cert, passport of the child and IC of the parent. No need to bring copy (but better be safe than sorry)
  • REP issued at the same day, immediately at the counter.
  • If you are unable to get appointment but need to travel before available appointment date, you can always walk in to ICA Level 5, but expect longer waiting time.
  • If you are unable to come to ICA before the travel date, e.g. because you realised it on Saturday and need to travel on Monday, you can still go out of the country and quickly come to ICA once you are back to Singapore. Take note that the immigration officer might stop you and warned you of the consequences (e.g. SPR might be revoked). What still unclear is that once you are back, do you need to apply SPR again or just REP. (I hope I won’t need to experience that to share it here).
  • Application form must be signed by the parent who become the sponsor when applying for the PR for the children
  • The sponsor parent not necessarily need to be present at ICA but the form must be signed by the sponsor parent and the original IC of the sponsor parent must also able to be presented.



REP = Re-Entry Permit, for SPR
SPR = Singapore Permanent Resident
ICA = Immigration and Checkpoint Authority – of Singapore

Links :

REP renewal and transfer :
e-Appointment of ICA :
Information retrieved from :

Reminder :

  • All the links need Singpass to log in.
  • Please ensure your mobile number in Singpass updated for 2-Step Verification (2FA)

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