Settling down

It’s been about 3 months since we moved into a new place. Moving is tough. You’ll miss the familiarity, the neighbourhood, the warmth feeling of being home. It is as if you are leaving a part of your soul behind. When you close your eyes you will still remember each and every corner of the old place. Lil N still asked when we are going back there, i guess he missed it most because he grew up there.

We were saying goodbye to a family friend who are leaving for good yesterday. Upon seeing their empty house, i can’t help but feeling sad. The kids still played happily and they were saying good bye as if they will meet again tomorrow. As their cab took off, they took a part of my heart away with them. This episode happened too many times in the past years, many of our good friends left Singapore for good. I still ask myself when we will meet again, whether we will go back to the same old place, whether things will ever be the same again. I just miss the familiarity and the feeling of being home. I guess i miss it most because i grow up with these lovely people, especially in my journey to be a better mom.


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