Oh my socks!

Have I told you how I hate it when lil n started whining? It really pushes my button and I can get crazy just from his whining. I hate seeing lil n demonstrating it each and everyday. I wonder where he got it from and why he would do that to me. It’s so irritating, that on some days I would just sit there and feel pitiful about myself. Why me, God, why me? Please give me cheerful and funny kiddos only, please oh please … whinewhinewhineandwhinesomemore. (God is so funny sometimes! lol)

Today, lil n was joyfully tidying up his toys. He was proud when the living room (also their playroom) was so clean and tidy. He showed off to his papa and me. Being a petty momma, I pointed out a pair of socks that he casually put on the table. I asked him to put them in the laundry basket, then I went to do some other things.

Suddenly, he came back all crying and whinny. I started to feel heat and anger stirred up inside of me. Here were some hints that I gathered from his whining (I am a master of Whinology): “Wrong place, socks, rubbish bin, now it’s gone.” Evil me already thought: “Hahaha. If you keep on crying then it will be gone forever with the rubbish.”

However, the sane momma in me do the SOP of whine correction.
“Can you tell it to me nicely?”
“You know I can help you. But I will only help you if you say it nicely.”

He started to get to his senses after sometime.
“Mama. Please. Help me.” He was still sobbing.
“Yes, dear? What it is?” I answered with fierce tone.
“I.. I threw.. the socks.. into rubbish bin..” Suddenly he burst out laughing hearing himself. I laughed too. It sounded so, so silly.

Sometimes through his whining I can see myself, the reflection of me even until today. Today I (and lil n too i hope!) learn that:

– Whining delays help that you’re going to get
– Whining makes people (me!) angry
– Some things are not worth whining about!
– Some mistakes can be funny!

I am on a mission to be a more joyful momma and to teach the kiddos to be more joyful this year. Good bye, whinny monsters!

on the other note :

My dear lil n, mama sometimes can be so silly, too, to throw the chicken meat and keep the bones when preparing our meal. However, thankfully some things can be cleaned off and we can start anew.

But do keep in mind my lil n dear, there are things that are too precious to be casually thrown away, even though you don’t meant it. That’s why we must be vigilant as always, remembering our purpose in life and be mindful of our actions, so we do not fall into sin.

This remind me of a verse : “So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you do not fall!” From 1 Cor 10.


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