Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Looking through the window from the 32nd storey of my office building around CBD area, I can see a beautiful city. I can see a seabed of buildings, some are condo,  but most of them are HDBs. Those buildings did not even exist 50 years ago but now, most of Singapore citizens can have a home to live in.

The city is indeed a successful product of planning n execution. It is beyond words for someone to be able to amazingly plan and closely oversee the execution in creating such a wonderful work.

Just thinking about how the city was developed and how its residents have a better life because of the transformation, makes me understand why there are so many people willing to give tribute to the leader who has build the country.  Even though some of them have difficulty to stand or walk, they still try to come to give their tribute, a final farewell.

Despite all the negative news about him and his leadership style, who can say that he did not built a great country? Who can say that if it was done differently, Singapore will be a better country now? Who can say that he had not done what he should have done?

He had done his best. He had successfully planned and lead a country, from an underdeveloped country to be one of the most successful developed countries in just 50 years.

He was one of the greatest leaders ever lived and I give my tribute to him that my family and I can enjoy, live and benefit from his hardwork.

Thank you. You will always be remembered.

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew.
1923 –  2015


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